I been painting here in the okanagan for about 8 years of which I can say seriously putting myself out there. I love traveling and have been up and down across the country staring and gazing for eternity . Even before I picked up a brush, I painted in my head trying to figure it all out the process in which way I would paint this particular scene. So I started out painting imaginary scenes from my head until I began picking up books reading about artists and watching them 

Today I do not really go out of my way trying to sell my work as I find it hard enough to get out and paint. I paint for the pleasure and the learning experience first. But will sell when ever the time arises  Yes, it is journey and process that inspires me everyday. Being self taught I would read many books and studying many paintings. I like spending many hours outdoors or indoors but mostly outdoors studying shadow and light over the years. Not actually knowing how to paint and  what it was really about  before I ever picked up a brush.  Traveling to north Saskatchewan on many fishing trips, and camping in the mountains around Alberta. I have always had this curiosity about the physics of it all and when reading books like the book by Richard Schmid You understand that painting is allot more than just being able to draw or paint a pretty picture, and is extension of. It all becomes about the paint on some particular surface and that particular color for that particular reason. 

I put myself in shows I had entered in, and achieved acceptance by doing it everyday. Having gained the experience of entering shows along with other’s was very rewarding for me and success in accomplishing more. John my partner for so many years has passed. Painting is a way to get back with nature finding its surprises and expressing that with the brush.


artist statement

Renoir says “ I believe I have learned something today” 
As a pure painter my inspiration that draws from land with an array of wonderful terrain, color, and culture. It welcomes the artist an education in endless creative adventure To explore, interpret, and bring back to the studio my perspective of the landscape in a visual language. In the studio I can play with what I have captured to make it a pleasing composition.
A visual poetry of the land, watching the dance of light, shadow, and color all within the atmosphere in which we live.
To express visually and educate about the importance of nature and the role of  conservation.
Experimenting, and exploring is a part of the process to write my own story.