Kelowna Oil Painting

Expressions in the field of the elements of visual art and  the process of so many oil paintings that I consider fine art. For me art has been a personal thing and to be with nature where other animals exist. I spend time at my easel and I am entertained and engaged in finding answers to questions pertaining to the visual play of color,light,shape and texture. I have used Gamblin torte grey as a ground and am trying out Gamblin chromatic black.

A couple of months ago; I was up and down the creeks spending some time along the water photographing the creeks looking for ways the water moves along.

I recently acquired  a pochade box  taking my studio outdoors.  Hopefully to capture more of the mood of the landscape as it exists before me.

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with in the trees

For me writing is nearly as important as painting and  trying both together in communicating a story to my audience presenting in different ways as I try to convey what I can.

In Kelowna, oil painting is so therapuetic being in touch with nature where one feels a belonging to . Blue skies , grey skies it is close to Walpurgisnacht and Halloween the leaves on the trees are deep orange, red, and yellow. Reds contrast well with the green spruce trees.

Taking a walk along the Mission Creek green-way there are many trees to see and many compositions to paint. Exploring all the turns in the creek. This is where my inspiration comes from.

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