Loading up on Paint or Pears

Seasons change swift as the wind and a bear sitting in peculiar looking extremely tall pear tree stuffing itself with all the pears it could get into its belly; so much so,  it seems hardly able to move about. Animals are feeding at this time of year and we have to respect that. When you are busy like the Pear bear and excited with shows through the summer and fall you try to keep up with it all.  The shows have proven to be wonderful learning experience and full of inspiration. Just wrapped up was the Peachland Art Gallery show and Gallery 97 in Peachland BC. and was much fun and a great place to be in the summer. Something I will do again next year.
Summer has ended and autumn is here so many colorful leaves that start to fall. I have began to get back into watercolors for lots of reasons and started by taking a workshop to get things in place and start off with just recapturing the basics in composition and preparing for a painting in general with whatever medium one is working in. It is good to get away from working on your own through a book and be with other individuals. Some scenes just call for that type of medium. I am using water color in the workshop and am doing KLO waterfall using that medium on 140 lbs cold press paper mounted on board. Watercolor is easier for me to carry my things around so I can capture things outdoors I hope will enhance  my colors and my perspective in my oil paintings as well. Things that can not be seen with a photograph can not be painted properly. Correction you can paint them as I have done but by going out taking my own set of pictures covering the angles and making notes; while still fresh in your mind head back to the studio to begin. That is one way to do them.  For me right now I  want to be more expressive and be authentic about what I am capturing and can only be accomplished with out a camera. I also like to keep in touch with nature feeling and smelling the wonderful air around you is like nothing in comparison. Just ask the bear. Keeping in touch with the way of the purest’s is a challenging and meaning to keeping it original. Stuck in a studio is being stuck in an office and work becomes stagnant and sterile.
I love smell of fall and so many colors to load up the palette with. I think of trying to keep it simple and yet achieve a powerful composition.
I can jump back to the studio to create an oil painting in a much larger format using my studies created on location.

I have a couple of painting one in particular I had started of a waterfall of Mill Creek using many glazes   and the way I did Spring Gold with many glazes using Damer Varnish.

I will be showing my work at the FCA – COC Autumn Gallery 2015 on the 20th and 21st of November at the red barn in Kelowna.

The Pear Bear after a few days sitting on a limb the pear tree finally made his way back to the forest.

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