Making Sense Of All The Caos

When I look for a composition in a landscape I have to make sense out of all the caos where such a busy landscape exists along side creeks. With an abundance of trees and bushes and rocks. In the center you have water current moving along rapidly or perhaps it is a steady flow. The reflection of its surroundings constantly jetting in all directions across the surface. What is it I look for ? I have to have shadow and light running across the creek  preferably right to left as this is how we shift our vision when reading a book. I want my eyes to focus on subject. So I ask myself what is that attracts me to this sight? It could be the reflection on the water, the foliage on the other side of the bank;or, the movement of the water. I want to have light on my subject. I want my eyes to be lead or to have a path to follow to that subject. Warm and cool light, large rocks, broken trees. I pretty much en vision my painting in my mind and go through the picture like reading a book. It is important for me to visit the actual place to have one on one experience. I develop a spiritual sense of connection with your subject. In that you feel and see the light  warmth or coolness of the air the water around you, the movement and energy of the place that you get only by being there. When you are there and you feel you have reached your spot you will know it because you have answered all your questions. I photograph my spot from several angles getting different perspectives of my subject.

The last blog a wrote it was of a painting of mission creek that I was going to do using glazing techniques using a Damar varnish letting it dry before the next application. Here is the final completion

spring gold
spring gold

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