I started pleinairpainting the day walking up along the mission creek trail , it was fall, and I found a bed of rocks where I could set up my easel. I wanted to get started quickly, so as the sun does not set before I  could walk out of the park. It was not long before I found a perfect place to set up my easel and get started enpleinairpainting, and with a nice view of black mountain. This is a 9 x 12 oil of Black Mountain in the fall. Harvest is winding up and the leaves are turning color. The distant hills have this orange’y , yellow hue.

painting in the autumn wind 2o16

My ventures out to Mission creek have continued into the summer with many more paintings to post, and little time I find to focus on . Some of the pieces I have done are watercolor/pastel. I have been working with this medium en plein air, and I have found it to be a great way to break away from the oils for a bit when I like to lighten up the load.

Here is:

Standing among the cottonwoods 12/16  watercolor/pastel on Mi teintes touch sand textured paper 2017

It was a hot day, but along the creek standing there and painting I really never became  bothered by it. In fact, I loved the warmth from the sun on my back .

This will be something that I can use as a study for a larger painting, perhaps I will do later in the studio during the cooler months.

the sage brush 2017

Here Painting the sage brush up at Knox mountain in April. Soon the balsam root or wild sunflower started to flower. It was a beautiful day and not that hot . I did get a pretty nice tan that day.

the sage brush two

Being up at knox Mountain for the first time this year plein air painting has just break’in me in. When I come up here more often to paint I will gain a feel for the palette and control of style, and design. These things will come in time as one paints more. Mileage with the brush accompanied by great reads helps in the process to becoming a better painter.

Up the trail

While hiking up the trail you can see lake Okanagan. Here I set up to do a painting of the terrain around the lake.

Here we are back out plein air painting ending off 2017 and starting a new year 2018 with more painting.

A dark cold day on the Knox mountain . I started to put wash down.