It was another great OASIS Show this year in Kelowna, BC and really enjoyed attending the symposium. The guest artists were Allan Wylie, Janice Robertson, and Brent Lynch. After the the show Brent did two workshops and I attended the plein air workshop which I really enjoyed. I learned allot and was bitten by the plain air bug. At the end of the day we all later gathered in a circle  where we critiqued our work. Brent is a great instructor.

brent lynch workshop
brent lynch workshop

I received a notice that two paintings Spring Gold and Rhythm were accepted by the Society of Canadian Visual Artists of Kelowna to the Peachland Art Gallery. The show started in July through August 4th. I have been to Peachland for my art before where I had shown my work at the Peachland library for the event 60 artists in 60 spaces just two years ago. More good news is that I just received notice to have my work showing at Gallery 97 in Peachland two of my painting When the Clouds Roll In I  and Through Shadow and Light will be there till October.

I have since been doing a 24 by 30 plain air painting down at Mission Creek in the mornings off of Hollywood road. I am not the only one hanging out at the creek as others are gold panning in the creek. I can add a figures into my painting. I hope to do a larger one from these paintings. I started this one with a monochromatic approach before thinking about color.

Ref# 240
the gold panner

I walked out the door leaving the camera behind as I have been bitten by the method of the purest’s. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and in fact I did make a New Years resolution and that was to do a painting a day outside. I had good intentions but it was a big challenge for myself to take something like that on and should have realized it with my disability it was not going to work out. After doing the workshop with Brent that day I got bug bitten again and have made several attempts of out door painting as you can see above. I want to get out and paint as much as I could this summer. So far it has been working out really well and have two legged subjects panning for gold. Today started out great till the wind picked up and made things a bit challenging.  I managed to get through two 8 by 10’s first as a study before doing the 24 by 30. Getting the information down so in case I do not get back to the spot. Next week I will go to the BMX track where Mission Creek winds around through the valley. There seems to be a few people panning for gold along the creek there. One of my paintings Spring Gold is of the same area and is a good place to start out. I am finding it more interesting doing paintings from my little ones and if possible I will take a larger canvas and do a painting. It is a great feeling being outside and having nature around you.

panning for gold
Panning for gold is a great pass time for some people plus you have a little something to take home.

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