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The dancing fish

I spent the later part of the morning today down at mission creek. I set my easel up paint the tree that was falling towards the water. Splashes of water echoed by my ears. Every once an while I would gaze up to view my values in front of me; I saw the fish dancing Read More

Kelowna oil painting

                                                                    Painting in the Autumn wind October 18th, I was waking up to the feeling of a beautiful fall day.  Finally I Read More

Making Sense Of All The Caos

When I look for a composition in a landscape I have to make sense out of all the caos where such a busy landscape exists along side creeks. With an abundance of trees and bushes and rocks. In the center you have water current moving along rapidly or perhaps it is a steady flow. The Read More

Treasures Of The Okanagan

Water is such a great resource here in the Okanagan with agriculture and wildlife being dependent on it in the region. Most of my paintings over the last several years are of creeks. I like the challenge of painting creeks its kind of like trying to walk across them without slipping in. You have to Read More