The dancing fish

I spent the later part of the morning today down at mission creek. I set my easel up paint the tree that was falling towards the water. Splashes of water echoed by my ears. Every once an while I would gaze up to view my values in front of me; I saw the fish dancing , like they were celebrating life.
The day being partly cloudy, and the higher air turbulence, caused the light to change quickly across my path.I try to get the shapes and values down as I see them and in matter a of a couple of hours I finish with a quick brush of light across my path. I’am done. Fall is always a great time for painting. Colors that dazzle in the sunlight among the trees. The wind quickly whisks the leaves to the ground.
I wake up in the mornings and the sun rise’s are becoming more colorful each day. The brisk cool air brushes against my cheeks while my noseĀ  picks up the scents of the forest. I become inspired of the beauty around me. The Okanagan area is a wonderful palette at this time of year. If you are a painter like me you know what I am talking about. The creeks, the lake, and the canyons around us offers many possible compositions.

Time to head back to the lumber store and pick up some hardboard ready cut for some plein air painting. David Langevin an artist in Kamloops offers great tips for prepping supports for oil painting and is up on all the information.

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