Winter Solstice

We are moving into winter solstice, the wonderful short dark days are upon us, and I am thrilled because as this means painting scenes I like.

A week later and the weather has changed to more snow. I have been taking my time moving in a somewhat different direction with my art. I have slowed down only to study more about work and how to take it up a notch. So I have tried to adapt to being more of a pure painter. Keep the photographs for later reference to write a book or something.  I make my larger paintings from the smaller ones I have done outside.

Cancer is a life changing issue.

All this to do, and yet we sometimes  are finding ourselves having to deal with health issues that kind of set things back. My husband’s health has taken a turn for the worst,  my focus is on that more for the time being. Spending time with him is more important to me right now.

I go out painting when I can, but try to keep focused still on what needs to happen during this time when your partner is struggling with terminal cancer. I have lost my cousin this past year.

I try to remember Kathleen Dunphy saying that you can find so much solstice in painting. so I try to tell my self that. Starting is the hard part.

Just a couple of days before January 1st 2018  and I have done another painting. I finally got through the holidays and  with more snow. About a good foot or so. Enough to keep people at home. This is what I like because the less people out there the better. I also hate having to dodge cars  to get to where I want to go.

– the cow in the trees on a winter day, what not could be a better painting of this animal in nature. I painted this on a small 5 x 7 and when I got home I had decided to make a larger one of this right away. I did a 16 x 20 from the small painting. I had the vision  from the get go.

The Passing

March has come and I have been mostly drawing at home, Wow how time has passed since I first started this. I have done a commission for someone recently and am now taking a break. I have been spending time with the most important person , my husband John. I have to say it has been a wonderful life with John and am so sorry to see him go. My husband passed away not to long ago about a week before my birthday. death does not have a time schedule all laid out. This came fast and unexpected at a loss, though I am happy I did spent the time I did with him, and not been painting as much because I would have been sorry  I did. I think.

Time has passed again and have stepped up to finding my existence in nature exploring my own presence on earth  and where we find ourselves looking for answers to life. A long time ago back in the seventies I picked up a book, and am finding myself drawn back to where I left off. I had not read this book for so long and was feeling like a part of me was so incomplete. So lately, I purchased the book to read again and again leading to my journey through my art, and am on a journey to start where I left off so many years ago, . Having reading these books I am feeling like I had found allot the answers to what I was missing , everything just made so much sense. Realizing this, I have been motivated back to what my painting is about and where I want to take it. I have spent time with myself my thoughts with John and I am feeling the need to paint. Where as before I was just going with no realistic end goal carrying a weight where I could not see. These two books helped me get back the natural order of where I belong on this planet.

The snow is back again after a trend of warm weather. This time several inches of the stuff. Crystals forming high up in the atmosphere breaking up and falling the ground we all walk on. The wind blows slightly but yet cuts into the skin that covers your skull. If I were all bones I wouldn’t feel this at all. I could walk this planet and feel freedom to move from one place to another.

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